About Simple Cycles

Hey there, welcome to Simple Cycles!

Simple Cycles founder on his mountain bike, keeping it simple and giving a thumbs up
That’s me!

How did Simple Cycles start?

Well you can go to post #1, but here’s a quick version. After 10 years deep in the corporate IT world and after many a split, merge, spin, purchase, right sizing, etc. I was ultimately let go from my job. So I took time off, rode my bike and figured that’s exactly what I wanted to do with my life. This blog is for me (and of course you reading this), to remind ourselves to keep it simple, to remind ourselves that riding a bike is a simple joy. One that does not need the latest and greatest or spending a ton to enjoy riding a bike down a trail or around the streets.

I dare say that this blog is a minimalist approach to cycling. Just ride your bike, enjoy; and keep cycling simple.

So who’s Simple Cycles?

Well, in my 30’s, love handles, not the fastest and not the slowest, a solid middle of the pack kinda guy. Preferring to ride more rather than being sold on the constant need for new stuff; new kits, new gadgets, new gear, new standards, new bikes, buy, buy, buy, new, new, new, it feels like someone screaming “Get something new!” every time I go out for me to enjoy this.

Where do you ride?

Mostly around Guadalajara, Mexico; but always ready and willing to go ride anywhere!

What’s your social feed/links?

Check out my trips, rides and pics at my Instagram feed. Also check out Simple Cycle’s Facebook page, I post there from time to time. If you’re a linked in kinda a guy, I got that to.

If you’re in Mexico, why English?

Well, I’m an American (as in US citizen), a very tan, Mexican looking American, that’s also a Mexican citizen. You see for years all I wanted was to move stateside, but it actually turns out, I just wanted to live a little freer and this will allow me to do that just fine.

Welcome, looking forward to having you read and comment, but afterwards go out! Just go! Go for a ride, and keep it simple!








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