An Update… Of Sorts

I’ve been wanting to do this one for some time. An update of sorts on some of the old articles and an update on my life, riding and head space. Things have changed since I started this blog, my mindset, what I want, what I need, what my future plan is and my personal life have shifted significantly.

This article is a closure of sorts for the initial part of this blog, wrap things up, box ‘em up and get ready to move on to part two.

First up, The Minimalism Challenge Update.

I absolutely failed the challenge, a good idea wrongly executed and at a time that my mindset was not there. However it did help me get rid of things that I was holding on to for scenarios that were not going to materialize any time soon. I recently did do a deep clean of bike stuff and a streamline of my toolkit. I now have a tool bag with my tools and a plastic bin with my riding junk (helmet, pads, gloves, glasses, etc). Still, it seems cleaning is a thing all home mechanics need to do at least twice a year, old junk piles up fast.

New Bike Itch Update and Conclusion.

To quote Robert Burns: The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” What does that mean bike wise? I came to the conclusion that all I needed was a new fork and tuning. So I agreed to purchase a used 160mm Pike RCT3 for the RB, upping it to 160/150mm and I would sell the 150mm Magura fork. Case closed, updated but not a new build. On a trip to La Huizachela park in Chapala, the RB’s shock compressed and didn’t rebound back out. This is a bug that plagued the IQ models. I figured I’d swap shocks for a double barrel to prevent this and life goes on. Shocks are expensive, and I was looking at around $450 usd.

A buddy of mine gave me a heads up on a guy that had brought used bikes and frames from the US. He offered me a barely ridden Motobecane HAL6 frame with a Monarch shock for $350 usd. Bought the frame, and reused a bunch of parts to build up a “new” lightly used Motobecane plus the Pike. Through happenstance I upgraded to a lightly used bike with a 160/150mm build that rides quick, snappy and stable. Spending less than half of what I would have on a new alloy mid spec bike and keeping left over parts that will be moving over to my Arizona frame project.

The update and upgrade. A newish, Motobecane HAL6 with 160mm Pike and 105mm Monarch.
The update and upgrade. A newish, Motobecane HAL6 with 160mm Pike and 105mm Monarch.

Personal and Blog Direction Update

At the start of this blog, I said I wanted to be in the bike industry, I did try and I do love bikes. I went around applying to every job possible to no avail. That and other personal circumstances brought me down or distracted me and I did stop publishing articles. I didn’t stop writing, but I didn’t really feel like I was generating positive or quality material. It just kept sounding negative, pissy or highly critical.

Out of this depression, something positive did come out. I have a well structured life plan for the next few years. I still want to be in the bike industry and I am in it. Right now, I just have 30 clicks per article making $0 and that’s ok. But I’m here happy and writing about bikes. I’ll keep writing, pushing and improving until I have an opportunity to feature my work at other sites. On the other hand, I really like writing, so I’m focusing on jobs within my career that feature this specifically and I know I’ll land one soon enough.


Anyway, enough going around recounting my absent months. You now have the update I needed to vent out. Now, back to writing and riding! cause we never know when it’ll be our last time around a sweet single track. Let’s make every ride memorable and article worthy!

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  1. Good luck. I hope everything will be good for you.

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