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I’m Just Trying To Get Home

I’m here and I exist. I’m a living person on a bike; with hopes, dreams, family, job, bills, taxes and even a car. Look, I’m just trying to get home safe; just like you. Any bike ride that gets me home safe and in one piece, is a good ride. Please, focus your attention on the road. Be careful when opening doors. Leave problems, worries, phone calls, text messages, etcetera out of the car and just drive.

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Hell is other Riders

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Jean Paul Sartre wrote the famous line: “hell is other people”, today I’m repurposing it: “hell is other riders.” Hell for cyclists is the ever present judging look you feel others give you and your stuff, even when no one else is looking. Try to care less about what you need to fit in, and what others do. And instead focus on how good we have it and how we can improve with what we have.

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Why I stopped GPS tracking my rides

I don’t remember those days all that fondly. Constantly being mad at my riding, not enjoying my rides. No matter what I did it never seemed enough. It was time to take out the stressor, stop obsessing over data and numbers and letting go. Back to a simpler style of riding, not tracking just enjoying.

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Break the Spell; Purchase Need not Want

Nothing makes your old bike feel unwanted faster than looking at a new shinning bike. We must break that spell; focus on what you need and not what you want. With a new offseason coming trade shows and product are in bloom. We must be extra vigilant and keep our rampant unchecked consumerism under control.

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