Things End, Make Lasting Memories Of Your Rides

Sometimes things end; everything including us has an expiration date. It’s neither fun nor easy, but you gotta keep the good memories let go of the bad memories and memorabilia and move on. Don’t blame yourself and don’t place the blame on someone else, that’ll just cause anger and bitterness. Be it a long relationship, a group of friends that have moved on, a riding club that’s steadily lost members to life, wife and/or kids, etcetera. Things inevitably come to an end, even those we don’t really want them to end, kinda like vacations. Which in itself is another thing that ends that really shouldn’t. So go, and Make lasting memories!  

All things good and all things bad, will come to pass…

So when we’re out there on our bikes, we need to enjoy every single second that ride lasts. And do enjoy the company that’s along for the ride. Enjoy the long winding roads. The killer epic once in a lifetime single tracks. Flying around the city dodging traffic. And if you’re going solo, make sure to add a little extra effort to connect with yourself.

Yes, there will be parts of the ride we may really hate and want them to pass as fast as possible but seem to take the longest. Like uphills for me. Yet even those can be fondly remembered as a challenge that has been overcome and enrich the overall experience of the ride. After all, downhills taste sweeter after suffering on the uphill, right?

And every single one of those moments that impress us, so, so much they’ll eventually make it to that, oh so coveted, place in our brains: memories. Reliving these memories, only then will we realize that it wasn’t that expensive bright billboard jersey or that bike that cost more than a car that made it valuable. It was everything else, the experience, the place, the friendships, the ride itself. Make every ride worth conserving in that most special place. So it can be relived as many times as possible.

Lasting memories don’t need to come from the most epic of rides

Make lasting memories! picture of my first ride with 4 friends inside the woods at La Mosca Trail. Costco bike, cheap helmet, cotton tee, trainers, soccer shorts.
My first mountain bike ride. No fancy gear or bike; yet still one of my top 5 rides!

I have so many good memories of my first years riding, when I didn’t really care what brand my bike was, what group set, wheels, fork my bike had. Or the need for me to have to prove or show off to people that really didn’t matter or care. Every ride, whether it was long fire roads to a canyon or single tracks that were new, exciting and challenging are imprinted in my mind forever. So much so, that I still grin from ear to ear remembering.

Bad experiences can make lasting memories

One of those really good memories, was my first time mountain biking. I had pedaled a fire road uphill 3 km (1.5 mi)  that you need to do before reaching the trails and I was suffering, seeing spots and sweating like never before. It probably took me over 45min to get up there. I was mouthing “I can’t” every fourth pedal stroke. I strongly considered calling my buddies telling them “Screw you, I quit” and pedaling back down and crying in shame. Somehow, I kept going until I reached the top and I’m glad I did. Mom says it was that damn stubbornness I get from my dad, dad just nodded. That uphill did nothing for me, I still loathe it today as much as back then.

Great Memories can lead to passion

Yet it got me to the trailhead and to the real start of the good stuff, so thank you! I rode on and went down a little gulley down to a valley. If you look at it, it’s nothing out of the ordinary. It’s probably one of the simplest, most forgetful parts of the popular Mosca trail. Yet, that little 10-15m (30-50ft) ride down through the gulley, the trees, the rocks, the dirt, well it sparked something in me. That something ended up being a hobby, a passion, a whole bunch of friends, a whole world of things to geek out on and this blog.

So let’s get out there and make lasting memories! Those memories will last a lifetime and that’s the longest lasting thing out there!

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