30 Day Bike Minimalism Challenge – DAY11

A new month is upon us. Every month The Minimalists have a challenge to help get rid of stuff cluttering our house, car or life. The challenge is simple enough, on day one you get rid of one thing. On day two you get rid of two things. So on and so for until you reach the end of the month. The final day getting rid of 30 or 31 things.

Now I don’t think I have 465 things total for cycling. Maybe if I counted nuts and bolts on the bikes, I could make it. So I’ll do a little different version of it, every day for the whole month of October I’ll get rid of one cycling related thing and hope to end with 30 less things cluttering around.

Things not in working order I will trash them or send them out for recycling. Objects that still have use, but I don’t use, will be given away. I refuse to sell these things. I’ve used them and enjoyed them, its time some else does the same with them. I live in Mexico, I know I can help more people on work bikes by giving them away. Plus I actually clear space, instead of stashing them until they get sold on Ebay or Facebook.

So here goes, now I know It’s actually October 2nd but it’s the first Monday and I was traveling over the weekend. So today we get two entries and I’ll go updating this article with my daily piece of bike clutter being removed from my cramped

Challenge Day 1:

Broken dusty helmet. Throwing it in the trash as part of a 30 day minimalism challenge.
5 years hanging on the wall gathering dust. My jutting collarbone is reminder enough.

Old broken helmet. Several years ago I went over the bars attempting a little ramp with no previous experience. I broke my collarbone and had acromioclavicular joint separation, broke the helmet but had no concussion. I kept this helmet around as a reminder of that crash and my first broken bone at 28. I’m now 33 and it’s been hanging on the wall for 5 years gathering up dust. Time to let go.

Challenge Day 2:

Old googles that have a crack on the lens, I no longer use them. Getting rid of them as part of the 30day minimalism challenge.
These goggles haven’t been used in at least 2 years.

I got these goggles several years ago. Part of the whole enduro look deal at the time. Never was comfortable wearing them, and just stuck to using sunglasses. I do have a full face helmet that gets some use when riding down certain tracks, but even then I end up with glasses. These goggles have sat at the bottom of a bin with a crack on the lens for over two years! I know I’m not going to use them and I’m not going to buy a new lens. Out they go! Time for someone else to get a sweet hand me down deal.

Challenge Day 3:

Old bike light, getting rid of it as part of the 30 day minimalism challenge
Having blinkers, handlebar lights and helmet light; I can afford to reduce the amount of lights owned.

An old Cat Eye lamp. It still works, but I already have a set of blinking lights on the fixie. Plus a set of handlebar/helmet lights for my mountain bike. I have it all covered when it comes to my light needs; especially since I really only night ride four, five times a year. I’m pretty sure a work bike can find use for it.

Challenge Day 4:

Pair of cheap toe clip pedals I'm giving away as part of the 30 day minimalism challenge
These pedals came with my girlfriend’s bike. They have sat in a box waiting to be used.

Never used loaner bike pedals. These pedals came when my girlfriend bought her full suspension, no one uses toe clips on a full suspension! So I kept them in hopes of putting them on my city bike and riding fixed, never happened. So instead of them just sitting there in a box, I have given them away to someone on a work bike.

Challenge Day 5:

Old cable bike lock I'm getting rid off as part of the 30 day minimalism challenge
Third bike purchase I ever made, after my first Costco bike and a cheap helmet.

This bike lock is now 7 years old. This was the third purchase I ever did, preceded by a Costco bike and a cheap helmet. I have changed my locking set up to a U-lock and steel cable. However this guy is still around, I don’t really use it and don’t trust it to hold my city bike securely most anywhere. So, keys and all, this is going donated to someone else.

Challenge Day 6:

Blue plastic tin covered in bike related stickers
Every rider loves stickers, but we don’t always know where to put them.

Stickers galore! I had a ton of stickers, now today does feel like a cheat day. I didn’t get rid of the tub or the stickers. Instead, I used them, I covered my bike stuff tub with all the stickers I had lying around. Let’s face it, as cyclists we love stickers, but I wasn’t using them. Instead I now have a nicely decorated bike stuff tub.

Challenge Days 7,8,9:

Picture of chainrings, bashguard, chain guide and lock holders
A junk dump for these 3 days. Lots of old unused tech in this pic.

Sorry for going AWOL, but weekends are made to ride bikes and disconnect. Still, that doesn’t mean I didn’t get rid of stuff. Three days of stuff in this post, all things I kept “just in case”. Old 10 speed chainrings and a bash guard I no longer use since moving from 2×10 to 1×11. Next up a chain retainer, with 1×11 I’ve dropped a chain once. These were all the rage years ago, but 1x systems and clutch derailleurs have made them obsolete. Lastly at the top we have several junk pieces for parts I no longer have, yet the adaptors and mounts remained in the tool box. Junk out the door.

Challenge Day 10:

Picture of a front derailleur no longer used
I’ve had 1×11 for two years and own no extra direct mount bikes.

Front mech from when I had 2×10 system. It has been two years since I changed over to 1×11 and never have looked back. I did keep all my 2×10 gear “just in case”, but that case has never come. So I’m reducing parts no longer needed, I don’t need a front derailleur and none of our other bikes (Laura and myself) have a direct mount system.

Challenge Day 11:

Old used bike tire wrapped in tape that I've hung onto just in case
Boy do we like to hang on to things “just in case.”

Another one of those “just in case” items that I’ve kept around. This tire is at half life and it’s at least 3 years old, it’s been hanging in the blue bin for a while now. However, lets be honest, I live four blocks from my usual bike shop. If I were to have a serious tire issue that required a replacement, I’m going there and getting a new tire.

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  1. I think I will do the same, de-cluttering is necessary! Thanks for sharing

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